10th March 2017

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Study Options:

Specialist Module 1 – International Security and Latin America
Specialist Module 2 – International Security and Latin America
Thesis Module


The Universidad Complutense de Madrid is one of the oldest universities in the world, with its earliest origins dating back to 1293. Today it is one of Spain’s top public research and higher education institutions.

It is located on a sprawling campus that occupies the entirety of the Ciudad Universitaria district of Madrid, with annexes in the district of Somosaguas, some fifteen minutes via direct bus links.

The Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology is located in the Somosaguas campus. The Euromasters is taught by faculty in the International Relations and International Law section of the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Special Expertise (selection):
  • European Foreign Policy
  • Latin America
  • European-Latin American Relations
  • Security Policy
  • West-Middle East Relations

Dr Inge Schweiger Gallo (Department of Social Psychology)
Email: ingesg@cps.ucm.es
Tel: +34 (0)91 394 2616
Fax: +34 (0)91 394 3029
Web: www.ucm.es/dep-psicologia-social

Dr Concepción Anguita Olmedo (Vice-Dean Masters and Placements
Department of International Law and International Relations
Email: concepcion.anguita@ccinf.ucm.es

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