22nd August 2012

Fees & Scholarships


The Euromasters tuition fees for 2018 entry:

  • £4,750 per year / £9,500 total (Home & EU students)
  • £7,500 per year / £15.000 total (Overseas / non EU students).

Tuition fees are payable to the University of Bath, although additional administrative fees may accrue at partner sites. These need to be paid each year of the programme, and many students opt to pay two instalments per year – four instalments in total.

Following an offer we require a £250 deposit to secure your place, which is offset against your course fees.

Further information about fees

Additional administrative fees may accrue at partner sites.

At Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin additionally enrolment fees of around 315 € have to be paid for each semester at this site. This amount includes service fees (around 110 €) as well as a  seasonal student ticket for public transport (Semesterticket) in and around Berlin for six months (200 €).


A limited number of competitive fee reduction scholarships is available in recognition of high academic achievement (the equivalent of a first class Honours degree or, exceptionally, a high 2:1 degree).

We offer 2 scholarships for entry September 2018 :

One ‘full fee’ scholarship for the first academic year only
(£4,750 Home/EU, £7,500 Overseas)

One ‘half fee’ scholarship for the first academic year only
(£2,500 Home/EU, £3,750 Overseas)

In order to apply for a scholarship, applicants must submit no more than 500 words in a word document detailing why they think they should be considered, based on academic achievements and contributions to the programme. This can be emailed to the programme administrator, Lisa Snowdon-Harris l.snowdon-harris@bath.ac.uk, after you have submitted your application.

Please remember to indicate on the admissions from that you wish to apply for these scholarships.

All scholarship submissions must be received before the 30th May 2019.

Further information about scholarships

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