22nd August 2012


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information, advice and guidance about coronavirus for University of Bath.


When is the application deadline?

30 May for overseas students and EU students

We recommend you apply early as we may close applications before the deadline if a course is full. We may consider late applications but if you need a Student Visa to study in the UK, you will need time to apply for and receive your visa to be in the UK by the start of the course.

30 July for Home students

What is the difference between ‘Euromasters’ and ‘Euromasters with Trans-Atlantic track’?

The difference between ‘Euromasters’ and ‘Euromasters with Trans-Atlantic track’ is that a student of Trans-Atlantic track will study at UNC Chapel Hill (for Specialist Module 1), whereas a student of the Euromasters will study at a European university e.g. Bath, Berlin.

There are a limited number of highly competitive places for the ‘Euromasters with Transatlantic Track’ program  These places are filled very quickly, and we recommend application before December, however we do operate a waiting list in case places become available. It is possible to have an offer for both the main Euromasters Programme, and the Transatlantic Track Programme.

Do I need to include a research proposal on my application form?

There is no need to include a research proposal on your application. This space is given for students applying for our research programmes.

Do I need to upload references?

With regard to your references, you can either ask your referees to provide you with a copy of the reference which you can scan and upload, alternatively we will send an email to them asking them to upload their reference directly. Some referees prefer to keep their reference confidential so this is why we give the opportunity for them to upload the letter. However, if you already have a copy of your reference then you can upload them.

When do I need to select my Specialist Module sites?

We ask applicants to choose which sites they wish to attend on their application form. We do, however, allow you to change your choice up until the end of the first week of the programme in September. This is dependent upon places available.

What kinds of backgrounds are typical for incoming students?

The Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies (PoLIS) is one of the largest departments in the University, welcoming students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and nationalities. We encourage applications from students with a good Honours degree, or equivalent, in an appropriate subject, for example European studies, politics, history, economics and sociology.

How do I decide which site I should choose?

We encourage you to take a look at the Specialist Module “Areas of Focus” pages on this website to gain an idea of what types of courses are offered at the different sites. Please remember to take into consideration your own language capabilities when making your choices; you will need to be able to work at post-graduate level in German, if you choose Berlin.


Could you please tell me about funding opportunities and scholarships?

A limited number of competitive fee reduction scholarships are available in recognition of high academic achievement from the University of Bath. Information on scholarships can be found at:


UK students taking a minimum of two modules at Bath, are eligible to apply for a UK government postgraduate loan.

Language Requirements

Can I improve my language skills during the Core Module?

The University of Bath has a Foreign Language Centre which provides free language classes to students.

Regarding foreign-language skills and program requirements, what if I only speak English?

As students are able to determine their programme of study, so that all semesters are taught and examined in English (at Siena and Bath), the programme team welcomes applications from students who do not have German competency.


Is there any accommodation available at the University of Bath for Euromasters students?

Please find information about accommodation at the University of Bath here.

Euromasters students who plan to spend Specialist Module 1 (Semester 2) away from the University are not required to return to Bath for teaching or examinations following the Christmas vacation. Assignments due in January can be submitted online. Please take this into consideration when applying for University accommodation as you will be required to pay for accommodation until the end of Semester 1 (end of January). Semester 2 at UNC starts in early January and in Berlin February.