22nd August 2012

Specialist Module II

In Specialist Module II students typically begin specializing for the master’s thesis. This module will be offered at four EAUC sites with different focus areas:

  • Bath: Security in Europe and a Globalized World
  • Berlin: Democratisation and Political Change in Europe
  • Grenoble: Policies and Practices of international Organizations
  • Siena: Europe in the twenty-first century – Choices and Challenges

Bath: Security in Europe and a Globalized World

International Terrorism

The unit aims to identify and analyse the main trends in academic and policy debates on international terrorism and study and assess the explanatory power of classical and critical approaches to international terrorism.

International Relations Theories

The goals of this unit explaining international politics and policymaking in context; familiarisation with methodological tools and their meaning; and application of theoretical and methodological skills to case studies.

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Berlin: Democratization and Political Change in Europe

Democracy and Democratization in Europe

This unit aims to investigate social, economic and political changes as an outcome of democratization processes in Europe, by reflecting on examples from Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Europe’s Borders and Neighbors

This unit aims to discuss the EU-enlargement regarding policies and consequences and analysis instruments such as the European Neighborhood Policy or regional EU-initiatives.

Facets of Europeanization

In addition to the Core Courses, students are expected to take two additional classes from the course catalogues of the Berlin-Potsdam university region.

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Grenoble: European Governance

EU Law and Politics (English)

Les entreprises dans l’Union européenne (French)

European Political Parties (English)

L’UE et la protection de l’environnement (French)

Interest Groups and collective Action in the EU (English)

Public Opinion in the EU (English)

The Relations between Europe and the US Since World War II (English)

The complete listings are available here.

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Siena: Europe in the Twenty-First Century – Choices and Challenges

Multiculturalism in Europe: the Mediterranean Dimension

This unit aims to investigate immigration policies in Italy and the EU; social policies relating to immigration; Globalisation, Africa, and immigration to the EU; Islam and immigration; Islam and integration. It will explore EU neighbourhood policies in the Mediterranean; Family, religion, identity in the Italian context; and multiculturalism versus assimilation.

From the Nation State to European Polity

This unit focusses upon political integration in Europe, national and supranational politics in the context of the EU, and supranational politics and political party organization.

The Political Economy of the EU

This unit aims to identify and analyse the processes of European economic integration and problems of labour market. It investigates economics and politics; integration and national sovereignty in the context of the EU economy and the wider world

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