22nd August 2012

Programme Structure

After the initial Core Module in Bath, students undertake two taught semesters. Followed by the completion of a 15,000 word dissertation, to be submitted by September in the second year.

Core Module | Specialist Module I | Secialist Module II | Thesis Module

Study Site Selection

Students must study at a minimum of 2 sites, including Bath, but may also choose to study at a third site:


At our site in Germany our programme is taught in German respectively. Students are required to be able to work at a postgraduate level in the respective language if they wish to study there. You can find more information about this in the language requirements.

Transatlantic Track Programme

There is a limited number of highly competitive places for the ‘Euromasters with Transatlantic Track’ programme. Here students have the opportunity to study Specialist Module 1 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. As these places are filled very quickly, we recommend applying before December. However we do operate a waiting list in case places become available. It is possible to have an offer for both the main Euromasters programme, and the Transatlantic Track program.

Learning and Teaching

The Euromasters programme is a truly international experience with regard to teaching, learning and living.

Our programmes are modular, consisting of self-contained units, taught and assessed on a semester basis. As you progress through each semester and successfully pass the examinations, you will receive credit for the units, thus providing you with a clear indication of your academic progress.

Teaching takes the form of lectures, classes and seminars. While lectures are quite formal, classes and seminars involve interaction between the lecturer and a small number of students for study skills and discussion. However, these methods will vary across the consortium according to cultural practices.

Assessment consists of a combination of coursework essays, class exercises, projects, oral presentations and examination, culminating in the final dissertation. We also place strong emphasis on developing presentation and communication skills which, in many units, is part of the assessed work.